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  • Ryloth


  • Lebenserwartung: 60 Jahre
  • Körpergröße: 160-240cm


  • Humanoide Aliens
Twi’leks sometimes referred to disparagingly as “Tail-heads”.
The natural grace and exotic beauty of the female Twi’leks made them a popular target among slave traders. Slavery was the main currency of Ryloth, which was tolerated by the Galactic Republic. Some saw it as a chance to make money by kidnapping or selling orphaned children, while others saw slavery as a way of saving children from growing up in Ryloth’s harsh environment. A number of Twi’leks believed that slavery was an efficient way to proliferate their species and preserve their culture, as the Twi’leks lacked their own means of inter-planetary travel. Regardless of how it came about, many Twi’leks lived as slaves or entertainers and were considered status symbols, especially the females of rarer skin hues. Twi’leks that managed to escape from captivity usually turned to a life of thievery or prostitution, with both genders making use of their powers of seduction.


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