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  • Kashyyyk


  • Lebenserwartung: 400 Jahre
  • Körpergröße: 210cm
  • Sprache: Shyriiwook


  • Säuger
They were renowned for their great strength, their intelligence, their loyalty and their short temper. Due to their appearance, they were sometimes referred to as “walking carpets.”
Wookiees greatly valued honor and loyalty. therefore, their notion of “family” encompassed much more than just blood ties. A part of that most sacred tradition was the social institution of life debt: when a Wookiee’s life was saved by someone else, regardless of the species, they would frequently devote themselves to a lifetime of service to their savior and their family. Through the mechanism of the life debt, the People of the Trees used to develop unbreakable bonds with their boon companions and true friends, forming a “honor family.”
When peaceful, they had the reputation to be gentle and benevolent. However, their tempers were fiery, and an infuriated Wookiee could erupt in a fit of berserker rage that only ceased when the source of their anger was damaged enough to their satisfaction. Though they were feared as opponents, Wookiees did not use any well-defined style when fighting unarmed. To outsiders, it seemed they simply charged forward, swinging their arms and crushing their targets with their massive fists.


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