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  • Elom (R5 Sertar Sector of Outer Rim)


  • Lebenserwartung: 95 Jahre
  • Körpergröße: ?? cm
  • Diät: ??


  • 3 Stärke
  • 2 Geschicklichkeit
  • 2 Intelligenz
  • 2 List
  • 2 Willenskraft
  • 1 Charisma


.. Eloms were short, stocky mammalian bipeds with tough skin under a thick, oily pelt of dark and stringy fur. They had several layers of fat, which had evolved to capture moisture—this meant they were especially equipped for life in the harsh, desert environment of their homeworld.

Eloms were an extremely peaceful and unsophisticated species who lived deep beneath the surface of their homeworld. Strict herbivores, the Eloms were content to live in their underground homes, raising their young and harvesting hard-shell rockmelons and crystalweeds. The Eloms never held a grudge against the Elomin, despite the mistreatment they suffered at the hands of their horned counterparts. Throughout their history, Eloms developed a strong sense of community along with a great need for belonging. Although they were highly intelligent and ambitious, Eloms often underestimated the capacity for wrongdoing exhibited by other species and therefore were often able to be manipulated by others to do their bidding. Eloms were generally easygoing, kind, forgiving and eager to learn.


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