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  • Phatrong (P6 Thrasybule Sector of Outer Rim)


  • Lebenserwartung: ?? Jahre
  • Körpergröße: 199 cm
  • Diät: ??


  • 2 Stärke
  • 3 Geschicklichkeit
  • 2 Intelligenz
  • 2 List
  • 2 Willenskraft
  • 1 Charisma


.. Life under these circumstances resulted in the evolution of dense muscle fibers far better developed than the average bipedal species’ and fast reflexes, which made them dangerous opponents on planets with standard gravity, though their thin arms and legs concealed their considerable strength. Kyuzo had green skin ranging from lighter olive shades to deep blue-green colors and wrinkled faces that sported a pair of piercing, yellowish eyes.
Due to the uncommon makeup of their homeworld’s atmosphere, Kyuzo frequently wore corrective lenses and a highly pressurized filter mask or bandages over their faces to protect their sensitive respiratory systems and assist them in coping with uncomfortable climates.

Their species is known for its strong sense of justice and honor, most Kyuzo regarded oaths and contracts as unbreakable and many species sought to them as mercenaries, law-enforcement personnel and bounty hunters.


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