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  • Uvena Prime (M18 Seswenna Sector of Outer Rim)


  • Lebenserwartung: ?? Jahre
  • Körpergröße: 180 cm
  • Diät: ??


  • 2 Stärke
  • 3 Geschicklichkeit
  • 3 Intelligenz
  • 2 List
  • 1 Willenskraft
  • 1 Charisma


.. As a species, the Shistavanen were isolationists. This was evident by the species colonizing all the unpopulated worlds in the Uvena system to prevent them from being settled by non-Shistavanen, their restrictive trade laws (which were unapologetic in how they favored their own kind over off-world traders), and from the fact that they did not often mix with other species. Most of their society used technology similar to the rest of the galaxy, though some parts of Uvena Prime used slightly less sophisticated technology.

In addition to natural evolution, the Shistavanen species was shaped by unknown genetic engineers.


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