Übersichtsplan des Schiffs Ranger

Willkommen im Übersichtsplan ihres Schiffes


Type/Class Source Hyper Navi Sensor Crew Capa Price Rar HP Char Def Sys Comments
Light Freighters —>Silhouette 4
Freighter / YT-2400 “Ranger” Corellian Engineering Corp x0.5/x12 Y Groß 2 140,6 130k 5 0/5 4,4,0 (1—1),4 25,17
Nah: All: 2x (Twin Medium Laser Cannon): 6, 3, Linked(1)

Improvements & Modifications:

Tech Hyperdrive Generator 6.400 4 1 EotE:271
Base Modifiers: Reduces Hyperdrive Class by 1 to min of 1
Mod-Options: 1x Reduce Hyperspace Drive Class by 1 to min of 0.5 Mods.
Tech High-Output Ion Turbine 5.300 5 1 EotE:271
Base Modifiers: Add 1 Point to Speed, reduce System Strain threshold by 1
Tech Advanced Targeting Array 4.000 4 1 EotE:269
Base Modifiers: Gunnery with +
Mod-Options: Gunnery with + Mod Talent: “Sniper Shot” Mod — Talent: “True Aim” Mod
True Aim Mod: Once per round, may perform a True Aim maneuver to gain benefits of aiming and upgrade combat check once per rank of True Aim.
Tech Upgraded Comms Array 4.800 6 1 AoR:287
Base Modifiers: Increase Range of Shipboard communications by 1 range band
Mod-Options: 2x additional range band Mods
Technologie Slave Circuit 10.000 2 1 AS:65
Base Modifiers: Allows Ship/ vehicle to be activated and brought to readiness or deactivated and put into lockdown by remote control
Mod-Options: 1 Allow Ship to MOVE to Owner Location with an appropiate piloting skill equal to owners Mod — Allow use of onboard weapons systems autonomously with skill equal to owners Mod

Im Frachtraum:

Speeder Bike/ Starhawk Ikas Adno 15m Nah 1Pilot 15,2 2.5k 3 1 2,3,+0 (0—0),0 3,3
Nah: Hinten: (Light Tractor Beam Emitter): -, -, Tractor(1), mit Beifahrerkapsel

Übersichtsplan des Schiffs Ranger

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